Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vanessa Mae - Choreography

Vanessa Mae - Choreography

Since her 1995 debut 'The Violin Player', Vanessa Mae has been blurring the lines between the classical and pop world, much to the annoyance of classical purists. This, her sixth album, sees Mae working with contemporary composers such as Vangelis, Bill Whelan, and Tolga Kashif to create an album of moving pieces inspired by dance rhythms from around the world.
Label: Sony Classical
Release Date: Oct 18 2004

01 Sabre Dance
02 Roxane's Veil - Vanessa-Mae & Vangelis
03 Bolero For Violin And Orchestra
04 Tango De Los Exilados
05 Havana Slide
06 Emerald Tiger
07 Tribal Gathering
08 Raga's Dance
09 Moroccan Roll
10 Handel's Minuet

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