Sunday, February 17, 2008

Saint Etienne - Boxette

Saint Etienne - Boxette

The Saint Etienne fan club albums have become the stuff of
legend - feted, collected, booted. Well, here's an opportunity to find
them legally, cheaply, and beautifully re-packaged and re-mastered as a limited edition box of 3000.

BOXETTE contains I Love To Paint (1994), Built On Sand (1999), Asleep At The Wheels of Steel (2001), and a fourth disc that collects odd tracks from other fan club cds and binds them together with six previously unreleased rarities.

Each box will be numbered so you can tell it's gen-u-wine.
Once these have gone that's it, no more re-pressings. BOXETTE is only available to Lovers Unite
members and, as with Nice Price, each member can buy no more than two copies.

01. Flight To Tashkent
02. Sushi Rider
03. Deutscher Kendals
04. Think Twice
05. Studio Kinda Filthy
06. We're Coming In Loaded
07. Fife Coast
08. Fake 88
09. Parliament Hill
10. Everything I Touch Turns To Gold
11. Schroeder
12. Stranger In Paradise

01. The Clothes Show
02. Suburban Autumn Lieutenant
03. Jaydip Pharmacy
04. Tomorrow Never Dies
05. Nazi Jaloux
06. Please
07. Keep Nothing
08. Russians
09. Blofeld Buildings
10. Ken
11. Are We Gonna Be Alright
12. Andrew McCarthy
13. We're In the City

01. United World
02. Lost
03. Dunnottar
04. Owl
05. The Montana Gang
06. Magic Child
07. The Chemicals
08. Garsington
09. Portrait Of Beau
10. Christmas 1936

01. Marcie Dreams Of Deptford
02. Say It To The Rain
03. Departure Lounge
04. Summer Song
05. A Slavic Beauty With A Rose Between Her Teeth
06. Absolute Beginners
07. A Good Thing
08. The Same But Different
09. Southern Train
10. Message In A Bottle
11. Kofi Annan
12. Puppy Love