Monday, July 19, 2010

Silicone Soul SummerLoveThree DJmix 2010

Silicone Soul are the internationally renowned and much-loved DJ & production duo Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie. Pioneering quality underground house and techno for the past decade they have proven to be one of the most popular acts on their home label, Soma Records. They are synonymous with dancefloor destruction and guest constantly around the globe. They have held residencies at La Terrrazza (Barcelona), Circo Loco (DC10, Ibiza), The Arches and The Sub Club (Glasgow) and now the famous Cafй d’Anvers (Antwerp).

Equally so, the duo are renowned for their production skills, with an idiosyncratic take on the house/techno sound that continues to evolve …deep, emotive electronic music.

Their worldwide chart-busting single, Right On, Right On! is now regarded a house classic. It gained them full international recognition in 2001 and catapulted them in to dance music’s A-list and into the conscious of the mainstream. Craig and Graeme however held true to their underground roots, refused to compromise their ideology and stuck a firm two fingers up to the commercial house music scene, even refusing to appear on ‘Top Of The Pops’ (BBC1).

It is this attitude, along with an insatiable appetite for new sounds and ideas that keeps them firmly at the cutting edge of underground electronic music. They have produced three critically acclaimed albums of sublime deep house, techno and electronica all on Soma Records… A Soul Thing (2000), Staring Into Space (2005) and Save Our Souls (2006).


This is the latest DJ mix from Silicone Soul, they offer it for free to their fans!


01. cranson - sued (city fox ltd)
02. gabriel ananda vs. daniel mehlhart - gcf (basmati)
03. daniel casarano & felipe valenzuela - tia anita - alejandro vivanco remix
(andes music)
04. marcelo rosselot & francisco allendes - isla de las flores - francisco allendes remix (limonada)
05. combo - amazone - scatapella (heya hifi)
06. dan andri - four sticks (kurbits)
07. francisco allendes - caos en la sangre (phaze)
08. nicolas jaar - russian dolls - ryan crossson remix (clown & sunset)
09. sis - lola (connaisseur)
10. lee jones - yoyo (city fox)
11. ryan crosson & guti - you got me (supplemental facts)
12. andri - housers revenge (city fox)
13. renato cohen - street dancer feat. technasia - boris werner's sit down remix (SINO)
14. antonio olivieri - sandmann (lust und freude musik)