Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stassinopoulou Kristi - Taxidoskopio

Stassinopoulou Kristi - Taxidoskopio

Taxidoscopio is nominated for "The Wommie" 2007 award. Following the Womex rules this award is credited to the label which is distributing the album in the greater number of territories, i.e. Heaven and Earth, Germany

The album Taxidoscopio has been selected no 3 WMCE: World Music Charts Europe in March & April 2007:

Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis are nominated for the German Record Critics' Award:

  1. Trans Europe van
  2. Jaffa
  3. Barcelona - Cantabria
  4. Wyndham Hotel
  5. S.E.S.C. tour
  6. Sikinos
  7. Yerevan
  8. Nama namaste
  9. Autovia del mediterraneo
  10. Vale de lua
  11. Last night I saw in my dream
  12. The sun is rising
  13. The joy of life
  14. Into the light