Wednesday, May 02, 2007

bargrooves: indian summer v.3

bargrooves: indian summer v.3

Sublime deep grooves for balmy summer days and darker moods for sultry summer nights. This is a 2 CD collection of the sexiest deep house music from some of the planet’s coolest labels, including Wave, Om, Junior, Estereo, and Imperial Dub. Indian summer also features two exclusive tracks that you won’t find anywhere else.
CD one represents Sunrise, and you can feel the warmth spread across your face as the mix eases us into another fine day. CD two, Sunset, takes things a little deeper and textural, while still providing the necessary uplift as the sun disappears over the horizon. Both, of course, contain mixing as smooth as an imported lager and tunes that will imprint themselves on your frontal lobe.

Disc 1

1. Got 2 B U (Fresh & Low remix) : Solar House
2. Maze : The Amalgamation of Soundz
3. 165… Drop (Love From San Francisco mix) : Hot Lizard
4. Tout Est Bleu (Francois K mix) : Ame Strong
5. Love Capsule Deluxe (Original Vocal mix) : F&L
6. Luna Del Ray : L. Ray Robinson
7. Lonely Man : Journeyman
8. Little Grooveman : Flying Pop’s
9. Good Experience : Chez & Louis feat. Andrea

Disc 2

1. Keep On Movin (La Familia mix, Danny Krivit edit) : Frankie Knuckles feat. Nikki Richards
2. Fire (Fire Original mix) : Samson
3. Espiritu : Souldoubt
4. Leliwa : Pornorama
5. Definition of Existence (X-Zen-Tric Remix) : X-Zen-Tric
6. Freak (Dizzy mix) : Ming & FS
7. Aqua : Circulation
8. Touch (The Sky Vocal mix) : Itaal Shur presents Milk & Honey
9. Keep Calm (Space Mix) : Ruizinho
10. High : Prophets of Sound
11. 2 People (DNS mix) : Jean-Jacques Smoothie

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