Friday, May 04, 2007

bargrooves: later v.8

bargrooves: later v.8

The first of the later series providing an alternative bar soundtrack. Later is a downtempo yet funky collection of 14 atmospheric tracks compiled and woven together by The Bee. Artists featured include Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Nightsmares on Wax and Tosca, as well as some previously unsigned material, which is completely exclusive to this album.--“Sophisticated whilst still being cool and laidback” is therefore the first in a series of bargrooves special collections which cross the musical boundaries into different realms for different moods. Just as the bargrooves double CD house collections showcase the best in deep sophisticated house, the special collections will showcase the best in their genre – Don’t expect to see tracks that are featured on every other compilation – Do expect to hear the best, in our humble opinions, of music that typifies that style. --With Later we have teamed up with DJ/producer The Bee to compile and segue the finest in atmospheric, down tempo bliss. The result is an uninterrupted 14 track CD featuring his own productions alongside those of his friends and contemporaries – some of which are exclusive to this mix. Later will be the first in a four part ‘drama’ which will unfold over the next 18 months.


1. Ascension : The Bee
2. Leaving : Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Cato
3. Fly Love Song : Jetsofunk
4. 5am : 9 Lazy 9
5. Ambrosia : A Reminiscent Drive
6. Nothing Owed : Bonobo
7. Orpheus : The Khromozomes
8. Finer (Alex Gopher mix) : Nightmares on Wax
9. Sertao Blues : Slovo
10. All That We Percieve : Thievery Corporation
11. Sexelevatormuzik : Avatars of Dub
12. Chocolate Elvis (Baby Mammoth version 1+2) : Tosca
13. Middle Platt Skank : Love Grocer

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